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2016 Rebates from Central Indiana Utility Companies

If you have plans to replace an aging HVAC system here in Central Indiana sometime in 2016, it might be useful to be aware of any utility company rebates that you might qualify for. Sometimes paying a bit more up front for your air conditioner or furnace can translate into immediate savings on rebates from power companies, as well as lower power bills every month.

  2016 Rebates from Indiana Utility Companies

Utility Co. Rebate Period Qualifying Equipment Rebate  $ Notes
Citizens Gas    1/1/16 thru 12/31/16 Gas Furnace: ≥ 92% AFUE NONE
(800) 203-1856 Gas Furnace: ≥ 95% AFUE $250 Programmable Stat:

7 day digital/programmable

$20 NOT on Dual systems & HP’s
  Programmable Stat:

Wi-Fi programmable

(877) 399-1202
Vectren       ** 1/1/16 thru 12/31/16 Gas Furnace: ≥ 95 to 96.99% AFUE $250 No ECM motor required for rebate
(866) 240-8476 Gas Furnace: ≥ 97% + AFUE $300
Programmable thermostat:

7 day digital/programmable

$20 Does NOT apply to Fan Coil Unit
Programmable thermostat:

Wi-Fi programmable

Duke Energy   1/1/16 thru 12/31/16 Heat Pumps: ≥ 14.0 SEER $200 *Must have ECM fan motor
(866) 785-6209 ( Smart$aver Central AC: ≥ 14.0 SEER $200 *Must have ECM fan motor


** Vectren Note: There are NO rebates for Electric Furnace and Dual fuel “Hybrid” systems (a gas furnace with heat pump does NOT qualify)

ECM = an energy-efficient Electronically Commutated Motor

If you’re having any trouble figuring out what 2016 rebates you might be eligible for, please call Star Heating and Cooling in Fishers, IN at 317-753-0279 and we will be happy to help.  Or if you’re ready to start pricing a new system, you’ll find that our prices are often much lower than our competitors.