Furnace Repair Service in Carmel, IN

Carmel, IN, winters can be brutal with high winds, freezing temperatures, and frequent snow. We’ve been in Carmel for a while now, and we’ve learned a thing or two about how tough it can be to face the cold weather without a working furnace in your home. Don’t make it harder on yourself by living in a home without a properly working furnace system. If your furnace is acting up and not working as it should be, call the repair experts at Star Heating & Cooling today.

Our team of experienced heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality professionals can perform repair, maintenance, and installation services to make sure that your Carmel home’s furnace is covered, no matter what issue seems to be plaguing your system.

Our Carmel, IN, furnace repair service can help you bring warmth and comfort back to your home. We have many years of experience in the heating industry, and our skilled technicians have helped thousands of people find warmth again in their Carmel, IN, homes. If you’d like them to do the same for you, call us, or contact us online today!

Signs That You Need Furnace Repair

Cooler air

The biggest sign that your furnace isn’t working might seem like an obvious one, but many times, Carmel homeowners won’t call immediately after noticing it. When the air blowing from your furnace is cooler than usual, it’s a strong sign that the furnace is failing and will not blow anything hotter than room temperature air. As soon as you notice that the air isn’t as hot as it should be, call a professional for an inspection. They’ll diagnose any issues and can make a repair during the same call.

Strange noises coming from the furnace

If your furnace is working properly, it shouldn’t make a lot of noise. There might be the occasional noise as it turns on or off, or a quiet noise coming from the furnace as it runs, but there shouldn’t be any rumbling or booming noises. If you do notice loud noises coming from your furnace, make sure to call professional to inspect it. This could be a simple fix, such as cleaning out dirt that has built up over time, or it could be indicative of a larger problem. Either way, a professional should inspect the cause for you.

Strange smells coming from the furnace

When a furnace begins to fail, many people report smelling a strange, foul odor. If you’re smelling a strong rotten egg odor, the heat exchanger in your unit might be failing. This is a potentially dangerous problem and should be repaired immediately. If your notice a rotten smell coming from your furnace, call Star Heating & Cooling. We also offer 24/7 emergency service, so if your Carmel furnace or air conditioner breaks down after business hours, we’ll be there for you.

If the furnace is over 15 years old

Typically, furnaces over 15 years of age need frequent repairs. The issues begin to pile up usually after about 10 to 12 years. Anything after that time period will probably require repairs every few months. Your best bet would be to install a new furnace in its place.

What Repairing a Furnace Can Do

Bring heat back to your home

The worst part about your furnace not working is, obviously, the lack of heat coming to your home. Star Heating & Cooling can fix that problem and bring back the warm, comfortable air for the winter season. To combat the cold Carmel, IN, weather the best you can, get your furnace repaired at the first sign of an issue.

Save money

If a furnace isn’t working as it should be and it takes longer to heat an area, it’s costing you more money on your monthly energy bills. The longer that your furnace takes to bring your Carmel, Indiana, home up to the temperature that you desire, the longer it stays on, costing you more money. Completing a repair can help your furnace get to your desired temperature quicker than before.

Prevent future repairs

Repairing your furnace issue right now can prevent issues from becoming larger than they otherwise might. This will save time and money associated with future repairs.

Lengthen Its Lifespan

By ensuring that your system gets fixed as soon as issues arise, you’ll limit the severity of the problems. This will lengthen the overall lifespan of the system as it has fewer severe issues that could otherwise lead to critical damage.

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If you’re in need of repairs on your heat pump, furnace, or any other heating system in Carmel, Indiana, or the surrounding areas, call Star today. Our heating and air conditioning repair experts provide excellent service to Carmel and surrounding areas. The technicians at Star also provide heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance, and indoor air quality solutions for your Carmel, Indiana, home.

In the event that you need emergency heating repairs, we offer 24/7 service. When you trust Star Heating & Cooling with all of your heating, air conditioning, and air quality needs, you’re covered around the clock. To see why so many of our Carmel, Indiana, customers stay with us for life, contact us today! Contact us online today for more information.