Why is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Once the outdoor temperatures start to drop, homeowners depend on their furnaces to keep them warm and comfortable. However, noticing a furnace leaking water can cause alarm and raise many questions. If you see a leak coming from your furnace, you may be wondering what is wrong with it, whether it’s safe to use, and […]

What Are Signs That Your Furnace is Not Working?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after living and working for years in the Indianapolis and Hamilton County, Indiana area, it’s that the winters can really test your tolerance for the cold. The average temperature can sit anywhere between 36 and 18 degrees Fahrenheit, and even dip below zero in some of the more extreme […]

Things You Need to Know About Furnace Installation

Central Indiana winters are not for the faint of heart, so making sure you have a fully operational heating system in your home is key. If your furnace is between 15-20 years old and it’s starting to show signs of performance decline, you’ll want to look into replacing it sooner rather than later.  As a […]

Why Does my Furnace Smell?

If your furnace is starting to smell a little funny, don’t worry – you’re not alone. A lot of homeowners have the same issue from time to time with their heating and cooling systems. What can you do about an odd furnace smell? And more importantly, what’s causing the smell in the first place? Star […]

How Effective Are Heat Pumps in Cold Weather Months?

As the cold temperatures start to creep in, you may be wondering how effective your heat pump will be when it comes to keeping your home warm. Star Heating & Cooling talks about how effective heat pumps are in cold weather and why they are a great option for home heating even in cold climates. […]

Why There’s a Burning Smell When Turning on the Heat

As the temperatures drop and winter nears, you’ll begin to use your home’s heating system to provide your family with warmth. However, when you go to turn on your heating system, you may notice a burning smell coming from your heater. Why is this happening, and is it something to worry about? In the newest […]

Why Is My Furnace Making a Rattling Noise?

Fishers, IN, winters are very unpredictable. Some days, you might walk outside and find that it’s sunny and 45°F. The next day, though, there might be two inches of snow built up right outside your door. When the latter happens, you need a heating system that your home can rely on for warmth. Your furnace […]

What Are the Signs of a Cracked Heat Exchanger?

A cracked heat exchanger is a dangerous problem that can occur in a gas furnace. Even the most minute crack can pose a deadly risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Due to the severity of this risk, it is important you know the signs of a cracked heat exchanger, when to call for repairs and how […]

What’s a Good AFUE Rating and Why Is It Important?

You may have never heard of the term AFUE before, but it plays an important role in how well your furnace operates. In our most recent blog, the technicians at Star Heating & Cooling explain what an AFUE rating is and how it impacts your furnace. With a better understanding of AFUE ratings, you’ll know […]

What Will Happen If I Don’t Get a Furnace Tune Up?

It’s that time of year again – time for your HVAC system’s fall furnace tune up. Your heating system requires maintenance care performed by a professional every year to keep it in good condition so it is able to serve you reliably through the coming cold season.  Even so, many furnaces in the Indianapolis area […]