What Are the Signs of a Reputable HVAC Company?

When you search for HVAC services in your area, you’ll find quite a few options to choose from. With so many heating and cooling contractors in your area, how do you decide who to hire? Before you choose an Indianapolis HVAC company, consider these points to help guide your decision. Evaluating HVAC Services in Your […]

Can a Furnace Filter Be Too Restrictive?

Visit a big box store and make your way to the furnace filter aisle – there are dozens, sometimes a hundred or more options in front of you. Some filters are made from fiberglass, while others consist of polyester or cotton. There are even reusable filters. All of the different options can cause confusion. How […]

What’s a Good AFUE Rating and Why Is It Important?

You may have never heard of the term AFUE before, but it plays an important role in how well your furnace operates. In our most recent blog, the technicians at Star Heating & Cooling explain what an AFUE rating is and how it impacts your furnace. With a better understanding of AFUE ratings, you’ll know […]

Fall HVAC Tips: How to Prepare and Avoid Costly Repairs

As the weather starts to cool down, homeowners begin to prepare for fall. Your HVAC unit has been working all summer long, so it’s important to perform preventative maintenance on it to avoid costly repairs.  Heating Tune Up Your heating system operates better when it is kept clean and well maintained. Excess dust, pet dander, […]

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