Will an Air Purifier Help My Spring Allergies?

If you’re one of the unlucky people with spring allergies, you know just how miserable life can be this time of year, especially in the Midwest. There are some medicines and other remedies that can provide relief, but not everyone has success managing spring allergy symptoms with these methods. Will air purifiers help with your […]

How to Tell If the Air in Your House Is Dry?

During the winter months, it’s common to feel as though the air in your home is dry and uncomfortable. While some discomfort may be attributed to your body adjusting to colder and drier air that comes with the change of seasons, it’s important to know when your home’s air is too dry. In this blog […]

What Are the Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier?

Winters in Central Indiana can be notoriously cold and dry, creating discomfort indoors as well as outside. Using a humidifier in the home can greatly improve the comfort of your living space and help your family stay healthy throughout the season! Star Heating & Cooling explains the benefits of whole house humidifier installation so you […]

A Whole Home Dehumidifier Increases Summer Comfort

Anyone who spends the summer in Central Indiana knows all about the high humidity here, which can make hot days feel even more unpleasant. To help prevent mold and mildew in the home and avoid dampness, many of us already have one or more portable dehumidifiers running full time. These workhorses often run 24/7 from […]

Why Your Home Needs Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You already know the importance of installing smoke detectors throughout your home to alert you and your family members of smoke and fire. But what about carbon monoxide detectors? Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes, as they are not required by Indiana state law unlike in some states. Carbon […]

Can a Furnace Filter Be Too Restrictive?

Visit a big box store and make your way to the furnace filter aisle – there are dozens, sometimes a hundred or more options in front of you. Some filters are made from fiberglass, while others consist of polyester or cotton. There are even reusable filters. All of the different options can cause confusion. How […]
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