Do UV Light Air Purifiers Kill Mold?

Mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria can exist within the home, circulating through your air supply right under your nose. These microbes grow in the damp, dark, cool areas of the house, such as basements or even inside the air conditioner! Indoor air quality solutions such as UV light air purifiers target these microorganisms and pathogens, […]

How to Save Money on Air Conditioning This Summer

Indianapolis area residents know all too well what happens to their electric bills when the summer heat wave starts to hit. Electric bills tend to skyrocket for area homeowners over the summer, as air conditioning systems run in full force to keep families cool. If it seems like cooling costs are eating up too much […]

How to Help Control Spring Allergies

Seasonal allergy sufferers understand how miserable springtime can be for them. From a runny nose, to itchy, watery eyes, to swollen nasal passages – the symptoms of spring allergies can be brutal. If you or a family member suffers from spring allergies, March and April are the right times to plan out a way to […]

Common Signs Your Ductwork Needs Repairs

While hidden below floors and in ceilings, the duct system is the highway all heated and cooled air uses to travel throughout your home. Duct leaks allow for costly heating and cooling loss while welcoming indoor air quality issues, both of which create discomfort inside your Indianapolis home – not to mention the added costs […]

Why is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Occasionally, we will get calls from concerned customers who have noticed puddles of water around their furnace or heat pump. A leaking furnace should be taken seriously, as it can lead to a number of issues, such as mold growth or weakened flooring. Right when you notice a leak coming from your furnace, investigate the […]

Tips to Save Energy This Winter

If you’re tired of paying huge utility bills during the cold winter months in Central Indiana, we understand your pain. Luckily, there are plenty of simple and easy things you can do around the house to use less energy and help reduce costs. Some of these ideas don’t even require owning a toolbox, so don’t […]

Why Your Home Needs Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You already know the importance of installing smoke detectors throughout your home to alert you and your family members of smoke and fire. But what about carbon monoxide detectors? Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes, as they are not required by Indiana state law unlike in some states. Carbon […]

What Are the Signs of a Cracked Heat Exchanger?

A cracked heat exchanger is a dangerous problem that can occur in a gas furnace. Even the most minute crack can pose a deadly risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Due to the severity of this risk, it is important you know the signs of a cracked heat exchanger, when to call for repairs and how […]

What Are the Signs of a Reputable HVAC Company?

When you search for HVAC services in your area, you’ll find quite a few options to choose from. With so many heating and cooling contractors in your area, how do you decide who to hire? Before you choose an Indianapolis HVAC company, consider these points to help guide your decision. Evaluating HVAC Services in Your […]

What’s a Good AFUE Rating and Why Is It Important?

You may have never heard of the term AFUE before, but it plays an important role in how well your furnace operates. In our most recent blog, the technicians at Star Heating & Cooling explain what an AFUE rating is and how it impacts your furnace. With a better understanding of AFUE ratings, you’ll know […]