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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Funny Noises?

During the summer, we learn to tune out the regular noises that our air conditioning systems make. But if you begin to hear loud noises that catch your attention and, perhaps, even your neighbor’s, it’s worth taking a closer look at the air conditioning unit to see if something unusual is going on.

Sounds that seem out of the ordinary or louder than usual can be as simple and inexpensive to fix as loose screws on a panel or cover. They can also be caused from debris that has collected on the fan. However, some noises indicate something more complicated and expensive to fix, such as a compressor that is wearing out.

Star Heating & Cooling has been the most trusted provider of heating and cooling services in Fishers, Indiana, and central Indiana since its founding in 2005. Our NATE-certified technicians are expertly trained to diagnose and repair any issues with your AC system, including annoying sounds that are keeping you up at night! Give the professionals at Star Heating & Cooling a call today to schedule service.

Common Air Conditioning Noises and What They Mean

Not all air conditioner noises are created equal, as some are more serious than others and should be inspected immediately to avoid further damage that can lead to system replacement. We’ve included a few common sounds and what they might mean.

Rattling, Grinding or Clanking

These types of sounds are often indications that something is seriously wrong with the air conditioner’s outdoor condenser unit. A noise coming from the outdoor unit could be the result of metal grinding on metal, causing a loose part or an issue with the blower motor or assembly. Whatever is making that terrible noise, call a professional HVAC technician to take a look right away.


There are several reasons your air conditioner is making a buzzing noise, and all of them should be inspected by an HVAC technician. A buzzing noise could be caused by electrical issues, or the condenser fan isn’t operating properly. In some cases, it can indicate loose parts.


A dripping noise around the indoor system could be the result of a clogged or worn-down condensation drain line. Your AC’s evaporator coil captures humidity in your home and deposits it into the condensation drain pan. The water is then funneled through the drain line and outside. The worst case scenario is a refrigerant leak, which can lead to serious damage and health concerns.


Pinhole leaks in the air ducts can cause a whistling sound. When this occurs, the AC operates less efficiently and can lead to higher energy bills.


A high-pitch squealing sound isn’t just annoying; it can indicate a serious problem with your air conditioning system. There are several reasons that can cause this noise. In the outdoor unit, the sound might be related to a bad compressor or fan motor bearings. In the indoor unit, a worn-out blower motor or blower motor belt or a blower motor issue could be to blame.


Bearing wear or failure can lead to grinding sounds.

The worst case scenario regarding a noisy air conditioner is the entire unit is worn out and needs to be replaced.

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If your air conditioner is making any of these noises, the technicians at Star are happy to come over and take a closer look. Our technicians will get to the root of the problem in no time and make the repair.

Whether you need AC maintenance, repairs or installation, contact Star for all of your home’s cooling needs this spring and summer. We’re a company that thousands of homeowners in central Indiana have come to trust over the years. We’re honest, well-priced and don’t use high-pressure sales tactics. Give us a call today at 317-753-0279 to schedule service.