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Facts About STAR Heating & Cooling

STAR Heating & Cooling has been keeping its more than 1,500 residential and commercial customers warm in winter and cool in summer since 1987. Did you know that STAR is an acronym for Service, Training, Air-conditioning, and Refrigeration? And, if you have a problem with your heating or cooling system, you can reach the technicians at STAR 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Family Business

Owner and founder, Michael Wallace, taught heating and air-conditioning business classes at both ITT Technical Institute for 3 years and at IVY Tech for 17 years prior to forming his own company. And, you’ll find it’s a family affair at STAR, with son, Donovan, joining the team as a technician, followed by daughter Sarah, who’s the office manager but says she’s more like the operations manager. Her responsibilities include handling profit and loss for the business, as well as talking to customers and handling the human resources aspect of the business. And, on the commercial side, Sarah pulls permits and handles billing.

Growing our Team

According to Sarah, “For years, Dad [Mike] begged me to join the team.” She says, “It’s the best decision I’ve made.” Prior to joining, Sarah worked for competitor heating and cooling companies. She says she always felt frustrated working for other companies, particularly when it came to helping older homeowners. These days, she says she has more flexibility, particularly offering options to elderly people in need.

With Sarah’s years of experience at some of STAR’s competitors and the time spent to date at STAR, she’s gained a wealth of knowledge and experience to where she’s comfortable diagnosing some problems over the phone.

Currently, STAR has a team of 11 employees to serve its residential and commercial customers. In all likelihood, if you call STAR for service, you’ll initially be greeted by Sarah.