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Fall HVAC Tips: How to Avoid Costly Repairs

When temperatures start to drop, your heating system is put to the test. A malfunctioning furnace or heater can lead to costly repairs – not to mention discomfort for those in your home. With over 40 years of experience, Star Heating & Coolings has dealt with every HVAC issue. We have compiled a list of our most helpful tips from vast experience. 

Save Money with These Fall HVAC Tips

As the weather begins to cool down, it’s essential to consider some fall HVAC tips to save money and avoid repairs to your system this season. 

Schedule a Heating Tune-Up

Just as a car with a clean engine runs better, your heating system operates best when it is kept clean and well maintained. Excess dust, pet dander, pollen, and other debris obstruct airflow and decrease efficiency. Scheduling a heating tune-up is one of the most important fall HVAC tips and can provide the vital care your system needs for better performance, efficiency, and comfort.

An efficient furnace or heat pump will keep your home warm while using less energy. Less energy means lower bills. Your heating system also shows fewer signs of wear and tear when you schedule yearly fall HVAC maintenance from the trusted and qualified professionals at Star Heating & Cooling. This prevents you from purchasing a new furnace or heat pump before you’re ready financially. Frequent HVAC repairs and excessive wear and tear simply drain the life from your equipment.

A professional heating tune-up includes:

  • Servicing the air filter and registers.
  • Cleaning the combustion chamber.
  • Checking the ignition and spark system.
  • Checking the blower.
  • Testing safety controls.

Beyond these key processes, our technicians check, adjust and calibrate your system. Discovering flaws and fixing any issues that impede performance is our top priority.

Don’t Skip Yearly HVAC Maintenance

Heating system tune-ups are highly recommended every year. Furnaces and boilers need maintenance once per year, while heat pumps need them twice a year – once in the spring and again in the fall – because they also provide cooling in the spring and summer. Each year’s small investment in a heating tune-up has a big payoff, so don’t risk voiding your valuable warranty coverage. 

Make sure to have your heating system serviced before winter begins. Schedule an appointment with your HVAC company to have your heating system inspected. This way, you can be sure it will operate efficiently throughout the winter.

Change Air Filters

 It wouldn’t be fall HVAC tips without reminders about filters! A clean filter ensures your heating components are clear of debris and prevents airflow obstructions. This prevents your heating system from operating harder than necessary to provide your home with warmth. Make sure to check your filter once a month for dirt or dust, and replace it if you notice it’s excessive. 

In most cases, a dirty air filter should be replaced one to three times per heating season. Filters that are dirty or clogged can restrict airflow, which causes the system to consume more energy as it runs – ultimately driving up your utility bills.

Observe Your HVAC Equipment

Pay careful attention to strange noises such as clanging, banging, and screeching that might indicate a problem. If your furnace is producing foul odors, strange sounds, or other troubling symptoms, contact Star Heating & Cooling immediately to avoid further damage to your heating system, or worse, an unsafe situation. Doing so helps you catch malfunctions early on before heavy damage is caused.

While it’s tempting to put off repairs until something major goes wrong, it’s much wiser to take care of minor issues as they arise. By doing so, you can avoid more costly repairs down the road and keep your furnace running smoothly throughout the winter. Plus, addressing small problems now will help ensure that your furnace is ready to keep you warm all season long. 

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Trust Star Heating & Cooling for all your HVAC fall needs. Don’t wait till fall is over; take care of your HVAC unit now to ensure your comfort all winter long! For all of your home’s heating needs – including professional fall HVAC maintenance, repairs, and installation of a new heating system or air conditioning unit– contact the NATE-certified technicians at Star Heating & Cooling.