Humidifier Installation Service

A home with dry air can wreak havoc on those inside. Symptoms of low humidity levels can range from nosebleeds, cracked lips and dry, itchy skin, to increased allergy symptoms and respiratory illnesses.

No matter what symptoms the loved ones in your home are dealing with, make sure that they never have to deal with them again. With the installation of a humidifier from Star, you’ll notice air that is rich in moisture and is much easier to breathe, resulting in improved comfort for you and your family. For humidifier installation service in Fishers, Indiana, and the surrounding areas, contact Star today.

What Are the Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier?

The installation of a whole home humidifier in your Central Indiana or Indianapolis area home will provide benefits such as:

Healthier indoor air

Our lungs were meant to breathe in air with moisture in it. When there isn’t moisture in the air, unnecessary strain is put on your lungs to breathe. The addition of a whole home humidifier helps to solve this problem by providing moisture to the air and producing healthier air for our lungs to breathe.

Less likely to get sick in the winter

When the weather gets cold in winter, the air outside becomes very dry. Your home should be your safe space to turn away from the dry outside air. If it’s not, your lungs will have no escape from dry air and will be forced to breathe in air that could lead to the flu, a cold, or other respiratory illnesses.

Better sleep

Low humidity can lead to a sore throat, runny nose, or a cough. All of these can distract you from the valuable sleep that you need. Humidifier installation will add moisture to the air that will help you breathe easier, leading to better sleep.

Skin conditions will improve

Extremely dry air leads to dry skin. No matter how you plan to combat your dry skin, your efforts will likely fail if you don’t take care of the root source: the dry air. To combat dry skin conditions that have been plaguing those within your home, consider the installation of a whole house humidifier to your HVAC system.

Protection for furniture

If your home’s air supply is too dry, it could be potentially damaging to your furniture and wood floors. Dry air removes the moisture from wood furniture, for example, and can lead to cracks if it is overexposed to dry air. A humidifier will resupply moisture to your furniture when it needs it most.

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Whole House Humidifiers Vs. Portable Humidifiers

A portable humidifier certainly has its place in a home with low humidity. They’re great for targeting a certain area of the home that is more susceptible to dry air than another part.

However, the real difference is made through the use of a whole house humidifier. These provide moisture to all areas of the home, leaving no areas untouched. This happens as whole house humidifiers are installed directly to the HVAC unit itself, meaning that whenever your heating or air conditioning system is used, the air being produced by the unit has had moisture added.

Rather than adding a portable humidifier to each room in your home, install a whole house humidifier to your HVAC system to make sure that each room in your house will benefit from more moist air.

Preventive Maintenance Service for Humidifiers

DIY Maintenance for IAQ Equipment

Maintenance for your whole house humidifier is fairly limited. We recommend that you clean the exterior of the HVAC unit, clean off any dust or debris on the fins or around the unit, and test the unit to make sure that it’s working properly. Any additional maintenance should be performed by professionals with experience in indoor air quality equipment maintenance.

Maintenance Service

With maintenance service plans from Star, you can rest assured knowing that you are covered. Our talented team of indoor air quality, cooling, and heating system technicians will perform a complete inspection of your system to make sure that everything is working properly. If any issues are found during the inspection, our team will be quick to repair the problem and get everything back up and running again.

Why Choose Star for Humidifier Installation Service?

Homeowners across Fishers and the Indianapolis area choose Star for all of their HVAC-related needs. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and only employ experienced, licensed, and knowledgeable technicians to serve our customers.

Our technicians stay up to date on all of their industry certifications to make sure that they stay up to date on the newest technologies and practices. Contact us today to see how we can help to improve the overall comfort of your home.

Carrier Performance steam humidifiers (Model HUMXXSTM)

  • Best choice for larger homes or when you want more control over humidity

  • Can be controlled by Infinity or Performance Edge control systems, or separate humidifier controls

  • Adds up to 34 gallons of water vapor per day to your indoor air

  • Water flows between electrodes to create steam that is dispersed into the ductwork

  • Can tolerate a wide range of water conditions

  • It can be installed on an indoor unit, duct, or wall

  • The steam canister is easy to replace

  • Nearly silent operation
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Star Heating & Cooling has outstanding service and helped restore A/C to our home when we discovered the system stopped working properly. Jeff Rich was our technician and he came in, found the issue within the first 15 minutes, and provided some other great recommendations to assist with making our home more HVAC efficient. Will definitely utilize their Star’s service again for all of our HVAC needs!

– Jordan K.

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