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Is a Heat Pump or a Gas Furnace Right for My Home?

As a Central Indiana resident, you know that temperatures can plummet to zero and below, complete with a foot of snow in December through February. Because bitter cold winters are a given, a natural gas furnace is the better choice to heat your home. It’s reliable and can run anywhere from $500 to $1,000 less than the cost of a heat pump. And, if your monthly natural gas bill is usually lower than your electric bill, once again, a gas furnace is a good choice, according to Donovan Wallace, a technician with STAR Heating & Cooling.

If you’ve lived in sunny California or in any of the Southern states, where the evening temperatures don’t fall below 50 degrees, then a heat pump would be a good choice.

Like a Ceiling Fan

Did you know that a heat pump operates in a similar way to a ceiling fan? In the summer, you can adjust your ceiling fan to blow cold air into a room, and, likewise, in winter, you can adjust it so that it blows warm air. It’s the same with your heat pump. You’re using the same equipment to blow warm or cool air, depending on the season. This means that you’re using your heat pump year round. And, if you had to replace your system, with a heat pump, you would have to replace the entire system; whereas, with a gas furnace, you have the option of just replacing the heating system OR the air-conditioner, depending on your need. This makes the expense a little easier on your budget.

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