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How to Save Money on Air Conditioning This Summer

Indianapolis area residents know all too well what happens to their electric bills when the summer heat wave starts to hit. Electric bills tend to skyrocket for area homeowners over the summer, as air conditioning systems run in full force to keep families cool.

If it seems like cooling costs are eating up too much of your energy budget, learn how to save money on air conditioning without buying a new cooling unit or completing time-consuming home improvement projects.

Here are some of our favorite tips to help our clients save money and to have an HVAC system with higher energy efficiency!

Tips to Save Money on Air Conditioning 

Saving money on cooling costs doesn’t have to require a big investment of your time or money. Simple services and changes to household habits reduce the amount of cooling your home needs to stay comfortable.

This means that your air conditioner is able to cut back on energy consumption this season. Here are some helpful tips to save money on air conditioning costs this summer.

Tune Up Services

We recommend to all of our clients that they should schedule a maintenance tune up for their air conditioner or heat pump.

Maintenance services work to undo the damage caused by last season’s wear and tear and correct any performance problems or component malfunctions that force your air conditioner to work harder and waste energy while cooling your home.

By having a qualified technician perform a tune up service yearly, your unit will stay working optimally for years to come.

Replace Air Filters

One of the first things we suggest to our clients is to replace their air filters on a regular basis throughout the year. When a filter is entirely filled with debris and contaminants, it becomes a barrier to airflow through the system so your air conditioner must consume more energy as it works harder to circulate air.

It’s possible your air filter will need to be replaced more frequently over the summer, as heavier system usage causes more air to pass through the filter, creating more opportunities for the filter to trap particles. This simple tip helps to create an energy-efficient air conditioner that will have your cool air flowing all summer long.

Clean Outdoor Unit

Clean up your outdoor condensing unit or heat pump to prevent airflow obstructions that cause inefficient cooling. Here are the most common things our clients are finding on, in or around their AC units.

  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Mulch
  • Other yard debris

Additionally, you should remove weeds and other vegetation growing up along the base and sides of the unit. Prune nearby shrubs, and remove any items stored nearby up against the unit. Leave two feet of clearance around the air conditioning unit for good airflow.

Utilize a Smart or Programmable Thermostat

Set your programmable or smart thermostat with energy-efficient temperatures based on your household’s summer schedule. Use cooling when your family is home, and dial it back when everyone is out for extended periods to increase savings.

Open and Clean All Vents

Make sure all supply vents and return air grilles throughout the house are open and unobstructed so all areas receive proper cooling. Use a vacuum to clean vent covers of dust buildup, which can cause louvers to stick closed or restrict airflow. Doing these things will improve central air conditioner’s energy efficiency and help put money back in your pocket.

Shade your HVAC Outdoor System

Strategically place bushes and trees to provide shade for your outdoor air conditioning unit’s condenser or heat pump; just don’t plant them too close. Adding a pergola or awnings over windows and doors can block the direct sun, reducing solar heat gain indoors.

Window Coverings

Block direct sunlight inside your home throughout the day by using window coverings. Close curtains, blinds, and shades on east-facing windows before noon, west-facing windows from noon until dusk, and south-facing windows throughout the day.

Doing so blocks radiative heat transfer from solar energy through windows into the home, which adds heat and increases the home’s cooling load. Layer window coverings and use insulated shades or curtains to help the home retain cooling energy and block out solar heat. Choose white or light-colored window dressings to reflect the sun’s heat rather than absorb it.

Ceiling Fans

Install ceiling fans, and use them when rooms are occupied. When ceiling fans rotate in a counterclockwise motion, they create a downdraft and wind-chill effect for the body.

This air circulation helps evaporate moisture from your skin quickly, helping your body feel cooler. Correct ceiling fan use can keep you feeling comfortable with your air conditioner set about four degrees higher than normal, which is a great way to save money on air conditioning by reducing air conditioner system use.

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