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What Are the Signs of a Reputable HVAC Company?

When you search for HVAC services in your area, you’ll find quite a few options to choose from. With so many heating and cooling contractors in your area, how do you decide who to hire? Before you choose an Indianapolis HVAC company, consider these points to help guide your decision.

Evaluating HVAC Services in Your Area

Before hiring any HVAC company, it’s important to learn more about each business. Look for signs of an honest, reliable business that delivers quality products and workmanship.

Years in Business

While experience isn’t everything when choosing heating and air conditioning services, it does give many homeowners peace of mind. Over a long history in the business, a company should demonstrate a variety of skills and have knowledgeable leaders who can solve tough challenges.


Not everyone can or should work on HVAC systems. Look for certifications that tell you the company and its technicians have proven their knowledge and skills. NATE is an important HVAC certifying organization. Technicians should also hold EPA certification to work with refrigerant.

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

Indianapolis HVAC contractors are required to hold a city license, though some areas are excluded, including Lawrence, Beech Grove, Southport, and Speedway. Check to see that your technician holds a valid license. Ask if the company is bonded and insured – this protects you should an accident or damage happen while the company is working on your property.

Factory Authorized Dealer

Many contractors serve as a factory authorized dealer for a specific equipment brand. These manufacturers vet contractors and choose outstanding HVAC companies to represent their brands. However, there may be restrictions on the company regarding installation of other HVAC brands.

Ongoing Training

The HVAC industry is always changing, and new technology is frequently introduced. Ask prospective HVAC companies how they stay up to date with these advancements and whether their technicians participate in ongoing training or classes.


A creditable HVAC contractor should always be able to provide references when asked. Feel free to contact references to ask about their experience and satisfaction with the company and whether they’re a trustworthy company to hire to come into their home. Also, make sure to check out the company’s recent online reviews to see whether past customers were happy with their work.


Buying new HVAC equipment can be expensive – does the company offer any financing options? Ask what lenders they use and what terms are offered.

Registration and Rebate Help

Many times, new heating and cooling equipment must be registered after purchase to validate warranties. Rebates may also be offered to increase savings. Will the technician help you complete this information, or will you be left on your own to sort it out?

Ongoing Services

A contractor’s work shouldn’t be done once installation is complete – heating and cooling systems need regular maintenance to ensure performance and efficiency. Does this contractor offer these services, or will you have to find someone else? Emergency service is important, too – you need someone you can trust to help you when a surprise HVAC system issue arises.

Detailed Information

Any quality contractor should be able to give you a detailed explanation of the recommendation made. This includes why they recommended a specific size of system, as HVAC units aren’t one size fits all, and proper measurements must be done to determine size. The company should also provide you with a detailed written estimate so you can compare their quote against others.

Free Quotes

Will the company give you a quote for new equipment or repairs for free, or must you pay a service fee? You shouldn’t owe money just to get a quote.

More Options

Does the company offer different models to provide more choice to customers and flexibility in budget, or are you limited in your options?

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