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The Infinity Series Greenspeed Heat Pump from Carrier

If you’re in the market for a heat pump that delivers energy-efficiency and reliability, you owe it to yourself to take a close look at the Carrier Infinity Heat Pump 20 with Greenspeed Intelligence.

At this writing, no other ducted, air source heat pump can beat its HSPF rating of 13. HSPF stands for heating seasonal performance factor, and is used to measure the heating efficiency of a heat pump. It also offers an impressive SEER rating of up to 20.5 (SEER ratings measure the efficiency of an air conditioning unit or heat pump).

The variable speed compressor allows the system to speed up as the request for heating or cooling increases, and slow down again as the need decreases. This function saves energy by adjusting the speed as needed to operate longer at steadier and lower capacities. The variable speed compressor also has a sound blanket and the Silencer System II design to help keep noise levels down as low as 58 dB during operation. That compares to typical conversational speech in a restaurant or office, or the sound an air conditioning unit makes from 100 feet away.

The system also has a filter dryer feature that protects the filter from moisture and contaminants to prevent mold and mildew from forming. The Infinity Heat Pump 20 with Greenspeed Intelligence is backed by a 10 year parts limited warranty.

The Greenspeed Intelligence system is also available on the Infinity 98 gas furnace. If you live in Marion or Hamilton County, Indiana and would like more information about these exceptional systems, please contact us at 317-753-0279 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.