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How to Keep Indoor Pets Comfortable This Summer

All of us want to keep our power bills down in the summer, and a great way to do that is to set a programmable thermostat to raise the temperature slightly when no one is at home during the day. But when you do that, make sure the indoor temperature is comfortable enough for your furry friends too, including dogs, cats and other inside pets.

To keep your air conditioning system running smoothly for your family and pets, contact Star Heating & Cooling for regular AC tune ups. A yearly tune up in the spring or summer will catch small issues before they lead to larger, more expensive repairs. The longer an issue is left resolved, the greater the chance your air conditioner can shut down unexpectedly, leaving your animals and family in a hot or even dangerous situation indoors this summer.

Check That Your Pets Are Cool Indoors

When you come home at the end of the day during hot weather, check to see if your pet is showing any signs of overheating. These signs can include heavy panting, unusual lethargy, excessive thirst or if the pet feels extremely warm to the touch.

Certain breeds of dogs are more susceptible to the heat, including those with thick coats (Samoyeds, Malamutes, American Eskimo) and those with flat snouts (Boston Terriers, pugs, French Bulldogs). The dogs with flat snouts are less capable of “panting out” their body heat than other breeds. And pets that are aging may be more susceptible to negative effects from hot weather than younger animals.

Tips to Keep Pets Cool and Comfortable During the Summer

Before you leave the house for the day, keep in mind some of the following tips to ensure your pets will be cool and snug while you’re away.

Close curtains

You might like to leave the curtains open to allow your pet to look out the window, but remember this can result in higher inside temperatures when the sun is directed on that part of the house. Try to keep most of the window shades or curtains closed during the day, especially those on windows with a lot of direct sunlight – not only to keep pets cool, but to keep power bills down.

Cooling gel mats

A ceiling or floor fan will increase air circulation, but fans are less effective at keeping dogs comfy in the heat than humans. To increase circulation and overall comfort, try a cooling gel mat or pad for your dog, or a bed that is slightly elevated.

Provide cool water

Make sure your pets have plenty of access to cool water so they can stay hydrated. Just like humans, dogs and other animals need plenty of water when it’s hot out.

Try not to confine pets to crates

Remember, a pet that is confined to a crate might be even warmer – so during the summer, you might consider blocking off an area in the kitchen or other part of the house if your pet is not given unlimited access. If you have a finished basement that is safe for your dog to stay in all day, you might try to see if the pet is more comfy there.

Don’t turn off your air conditioner

Never leave your air conditioner completely off in the summer when you have pets. Animals are OK in temperatures of up to 78 to 80 degrees or so, but anything above 80 can become uncomfortable for them.

Don’t forget about smaller animals

Not only dogs and cats can be affected by high temperatures, so keep an eye out for the health and well-being of birds, pet rodents, reptiles and other types of pets as well. Follow some of these tips, and you’ll soon find the perfect indoor temperature to keep all of your animals comfy, yet keep the air conditioning bills under control.

Trust Star Heating & Cooling for AC Tune Ups

The last thing you want in the summer is for your air conditioning system to completely stop working, especially when there are people or pets at home. An annual AC tune up in the spring or summer is beneficial for a number of reasons, including:

  • Preventing problems early before they lead to expensive repairs. This is especially important in avoiding sudden breakdowns that cause your system to stop working.
  • A tuned up system is more efficient, uses less energy and saves you money. 
  • A clean system circulates cleaner air through your home for better home air quality to help you breathe easier.
  • Increasing your air conditioner’s expected lifespan.

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