Air Handler Installation in Noblesville, IN

When you are planning a new HVAC system installation or upgrading your aging system, if so, make sure you consider the air handler. Although many homeowners focus on the air conditioning or heat pump unit when their HVAC unit struggles, consider replacing the air handler instead. The air handler is the engine of your heating and cooling system. Air handler replacement is also an effective way to provide greater comfort and performance within your home. If you experience any issues with your current system or you are planning to install an aid handler in your home, contact Star Heating & Cooling for assistance or for air handler installation services in Noblesville, IN. Our friendly team provides expert insight combined with the experience of a local HVAC company.

What is an Air Handler?

The air handler distributes air throughout your home. Your air handler houses the majority of the ventilation components including the blower motor, fan, filters, and dampers. All of the ductwork within your home starts from the air handler and return ducts circulate back to the air handler. In air conditioning and heat pump systems, the air handler houses the indoor coils with heating and cooling elements. Finally, the board within the air handler is also connected to the thermostat to control each heating or cooling cycle.

How To Choose The Right Air Handler

There are a few steps to consider when selecting the best air handler to install in your home. Star Heating & Cooling certified technicians will help you select the ideal air handler. If you are building a new system, then the air handler may be part of the overall air conditioning or heat pump package. In a situation where your old air handler has failed, there may be some additional steps in installing an air handler including:

  • Compatibility – Installing a new air handler requires matching compatible systems. There are a number of manufacturers of thermostats, air conditioners, heat pumps, and other HVAC equipment that are a factor when pairing a new air handler with your current system. Star Heating & Cooling first makes sure the new air handler is compatible with your system.

  • Size – Air handlers must be matched to the square footage of your home and the layout. Just heating and cooling units, an air handler that is undersized will not perform efficiently and can even fail prematurely. An oversized unit may create other problems including uncomfortable humidity levels.

  • Features – There are a number of features and accessories that can help your new air handler perform best. Many of these features reduce operating noise, lower energy use, and improve the indoor air quality within your home.


Benefits of Air Handler

If you are experiencing performance issues with your current system, then you may consider a planned air handler installation. Modern air handlers offer some significant advantages over outdated designs and older models.


  • Improved Indoor Air Quality Air handlers filter and circulate air throughout your home. Older models can become clogged and dirty. A new air handle removes contaminants like dust, allergens, and pollutants more efficiently.

  • More Efficient Heating And Cooling – New air handler installation will boost performance while lowering energy consumption. Technological advances within motors and other components help air handlers run stronger and waste less energy.

  • Better Temperature Control – Air handlers can be equipped with variable speed motors and dampers that allow for more precise control over indoor temperatures.

  • Increased Lifespan Of HVAC Equipment – Air handlers help to protect HVAC system components like heating and cooling coils from contaminants. A new air handler’s efficiency helps reduce wear and tear on other equipment. When air circulates more evenly, indoor comfort improves. Many homeowners are able to reduce temperature settings without sacrificing comfort.

What to Expect During Air Handler Installation

If you suspect your air handler needs to be replaced or your air handler is showing signs of trouble, you can contact our team for a complete assessment and planning of a new air handler installation. Every home is unique so your process will be catered to you. Generally, there are some simple steps you can expect.


  • Assessment and Planning – Our HVAC technician verifies the need for a new air handler. We will measure the area within your home, calculate the needs of your home and provide the recommendation best suited to your family. 

  • Preparation – The old equipment is removed and the space will be prepared for installation. This process may take time because our technicians must ensure all electrical and ductwork connections are in place.

  • Installation – The air handler will be carefully installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If modifications are needed to connect ductwork and electrical components, the technician will execute during the installation process. 

  • Testing and Balancing – The system will be tested upon installation. Since air handler installation controls the ventilation within your home, we check for leaks, adjust airflow and optimize all vents within your home. 

  • Operations – Finally, the whole HVAC system is returned to operating conditions. Our technician will review the new system and explain functions to make sure you are comfortable with the new air handler. 

Financing an Air Handler Installation

Installing any new HVAC equipment can be a major expense. Financing air handler installation with Star Heating & Cooling is easy with a quick online application process. This helps make sure your new air handler fits your budget with easy monthly installments.

Choose Star Heating & Cooling for Air Handler Installation in Noblesville, IN

As a local Hamilton County, IN HVAC business, Star Heating & Cooling approaches every air handler installation in Noblesville as an opportunity to meet a new neighbor and build a new relationship. Our friendly and sensible approach toward business is grounded in customer service. We believe in treating people with care and providing common-sense solutions. Good work is rewarded with great reviews and strong word of mouth. Let us earn your heating and cooling business by schedule air handler installation service with us today.

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