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Memberships for Businesses

If you are a business owner here in Central Indiana, you know how important it is to maintain an ideal indoor temperature year round to protect your customers, your staff, and your inventory. If your heating or cooling system fails, it can mean uncomfortable and unhappy customers, canceled appointments, decreased productivity by your staff, damaged or lost inventory – all of which translates into loss of revenue. That’s why it’s so important to have your heating and air conditioning systems checked and serviced on a regular basis to help catch potential problems before they happen – just as you would provide regular check-ups for your vehicles.

When you sign an annual Preventative Maintenance Agreement with Star Heating and Cooling in Fishers, we’ll do a complete check on your system twice a year to spot potential issues before they turn into expensive problems that can potentially shut your business down for several days or more.

Business Memberships with Star Heating and Cooling includes:

  • Replacement of the HVAC filters to insure that the systems can run efficiently
  • A complete check of the thermostat
  • Testing all of the electrical and mechanical parts and safety controls
  • Adjustment and basic cleaning as needed
  • Carbon monoxide and gas leak check
  • Refrigerant charge and condensate drain cleaning (in Spring)
  • Discounted rates If you require repairs, chemical cleaning, or other major services
  • A 15% discount on any repairs or replacements that you need

When you sign the agreement we will contact you twice a year to set up a visit –  once in the early spring before you begin using the air conditioning on a daily basis, and once in early fall to do a thorough furnace or heat coil check.

Costs for annual maintenance (as of 12/22/15, subject to change):

Rooftop units:

A single RTU:     $195/year

Add a 2nd RTU:   $180/year

Add a 3rd RTU:    $160/year

Split systems units:

Single system: $155/year

Add a 2nd unit:   $140/year

Add a 3rd unit: $120/year

We can also add maintenance for a Reznor or other hanging heater or PTAC and Minisplits when we come out to see your business.

Business owners in Hamilton or Marion County in Indiana and can get help figuring out what the costs would be for your Commercial Memberships with Star Heating and Cooling if you contact us by filling out the form at the right, or give us a call at 317-753-0279. We’d be happy to quote you an exact price, and give you a quantity discount if you do business at more than one location.  And we offer Memberships for your residence to keep your home HVAC system in tip-top shape, too.