“John, the tech who did the work on my furnace, did an outstanding job! He’s extremely thorough and professional and if you are looking for an HVAC company to service your system call Star and ask for John!

The story leading up to John coming to look at my furnace:

I had requested an appointment with Star for a routine cleaning and a second opinion after an HVAC tech from a different company had performed the service and told me there was something wrong with my system, they could replace a part (didn’t know for sure what was wrong) that would probably cost around $2,000 – $3,000 or the system was installed incorrectly and I just needed a new one. They could send a sales rep out to give me options. Mind you my furnace is only about 10 years old with some of the parts still covered under warranty (which John was the one who pointed that out). The original tech from the other company didn’t even bother to check.

Not believing my furnace needed to be replaced. I found Star online. I gave them a call in the morning and told them what had happened and felt I still needed the furnace cleaned, inspected and wanted a second opinion.

John, from Star, arrived about 11:00 the same day and went through my furnace literally from bottom to top. He found areas the should have cleaned that weren’t touched. He cleaned everything he found that hadn’t been, isolated and repaired the problem all for well less than even $1,000… not too mention I don’t need my furnace replaced.

John worked tirelessly for about 4 hours from start to finish,

Needless to say I’m extremely pleased with all the work John did and have the peace of mind knowing my furnace is in great working order!”

– Sloan S.