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Unpleasant odor in the basement

If you have noticed an unpleasant odor in your home that does not seem to disappear no matter what you try to do, you may need to look for the source in your basement. One reason for the bad smell could possibly be the result of a build-up of mold and mildew on the air conditioning coil. Ultraviolet light on the coil could help control a mold problem; you can read more about benefits of UV light here.

Another possible reason for a foul odor from the air conditioning system can be from a poorly-fitting or damp filter. In either of these cases, simply replace the filter with a new one of the correct size.  You might consider using a filter with a higher MERV value to help remove a larger number of bacteria and mold spores. But be advised that you will need to remember to check your filter more often when you increase the MERV value because it’s going to collect debris more quickly.

The most likely cause of a bad smell related to an HVAC system is from standing water in the drainage pan that your air conditioner sits in.  If you look in the drainage pan and see if filled with water, it is most probably from a clogged drain leading from the pan. If you’re ready to take on the task yourself, you can follow these step by step instructions on how to try to fix the issue yourself (rule #1 as always is turn off the power to the unit)

If you don’t feel handy enough to try to do it yourself, call Star Heating and Cooling at 317-759-0279 for an appointment and we’ll be happy to take care of it for you. We’ll also make sure that the clogged drain is the only reason for the bad odor, so you can get back to an odor-free home in no time.