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Winter will hit Central Indiana before we know it. While winter brings images of white fluffy snow and fun holidays, with it also comes sickness, high energy bills, and dry skin. Since we spend so much more time in our homes in the winter, isn’t there a way we can make it more tolerable? 

Star Heating & Cooling offers humidifier services for your Westfield, IN home. Humidifiers are simple to use and provide improved indoor air quality and comfort through the winter months. Keep reading to learn more about humidifiers to see if one is right for you.

Do I Need a Humidifier in My Westfield, IN Home?

A humidifier works by adding moisture to the air. You may have an individual room humidifier currently in your home. These devices need to have their water tanks refilled regularly and their filters changed to prevent mold growth. Many people with young children often have a humidifier in their child’s room. While room humidifiers are great, you may find that you’re still experiencing the side effects of winter in other rooms in your house.

Dry air causes dry skin which can crack. It can also cause chapped lips and dry sinuses which cause you to sneeze more. Those with allergies may experience worse symptoms in the winter because of the dry air. When a family member gets sick, dry air can help spread the germs around your home. If you’re tired of touching surfaces in your home and getting an electric shock, it might be time to get a whole house humidifier installed in your Westfield home to provide moisture in the air to every room and alleviate some of these symptoms of dry winter air. 

Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

Besides improving indoor air quality, you may also notice a number of other benefits once you have a whole house humidifier installed. 

Improved Comfort

The right amount of humidity in your home keeps it comfortable. Although we often associate humidity with the oppressive heat in the summer, a lack of humidity can make you feel even colder. When you have added humidity in your home, it can make your home feel warmer on cold days. 

Healthier Air

Dry air can irritate your sinuses and can help the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria. With added moisture in the air, these contaminants cannot travel as well, stopping the spread of disease in your home. 

Improved Skin and Sinuses

Dry air can cause many problems besides spreading disease. When the air is dry in your home, you may be prone to itchy eyes, dry skin, chapped lips, nosebleeds, and dry coughs. Many people have trouble sleeping if the air is too dry because they have a hard time breathing with dried out sinuses. You’ll notice improvements to your breathing and skin once you have a whole house humidifier installed. 

Lower Energy Bills

On a summer day, when the temperature is in the 90s, it may feel like it’s well into the 100s because humidity makes the air feel warmer than it is. When you have a whole house humidifier, your home will feel warmer so you won’t feel the need to raise the temperature. This makes you more comfortable and puts less stress on your heating system.

How Much Maintenance Does a Humidifier Need?

Star offers steam humidifiers to homes in Westfield, IN. A steam humidifier is attached to your HVAC system. It contains an internal reservoir that converts water into steam, which is then dispersed through your home’s duct system. This steam adds moisture to the air in your entire home.

Individual room humidifiers need to have their tanks changed regularly, but that is not necessary with a whole house humidifier. When you have your annual furnace appointment with Star, we’ll inspect and provide any necessary tune up services to make sure your humidifier is working properly to keep your home comfortable.

You don’t need to run your humidifier all year long. When your home reaches a humidity level over 50 percent naturally, your humidifier will turn off on its own. This prevents it from making your home too warm as temperatures rise in the spring and summer. 

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