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What’s that strange air conditioner noise?

During the summer, we learn to tune out the regular noises that are made by an air conditioning system. If you begin to hear air conditioner noise that catches your attention, it’s worth taking a closer look at the unit to see if something unusual is going on. Sounds that seem out of the ordinary or louder than usual can be as simple and inexpensive to fix as loose screws on a panel or cover. It can also be from debris that has collected on the fan. Or it might be something more complicated and expensive to fix, such as a compressor, that is wearing out.

Rattling, loud whirring, buzzing, and grinding sounds are often an indication that something is very wrong.  It can result from a part that has become loose, or that there is an issue with the blower motor or assembly. Odd sounds such as dripping noise around the indoor system can mean a clogged drain pan. If there are squealing noises, it might be due to a belt problem with your blower fan. A grinding noise can be an indication of bearing wear or failure. The worst case scenario regarding a noisy air conditioner is that it is simply the result of an entire unit that is worn out and needs to be replaced.

For what it’s worth, this website has listed a number of HVAC descriptions and recordings that may (or may not) help you identify a potential problem.  If you’re not inclined to try to diagnose the source of the air conditioner noise on your own, we will be happy to come over and take a close look at the issue. We have plenty of online reviews from customers here in Central Indiana who have found us to be honest, reasonably priced, and low-pressure. Just fill out the form on the right, or call us at 317-753-0279 to get started.