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Should I Have an HVAC Home Inspection Before Buying a House?

If you’re considering the purchase of a new home, the home inspection report is going to play an important role in your decision. But many home inspectors don’t have the expertise to spot issues with HVAC systems, and that gap can turn into major problems for the future owner. Very often, an inspector just turns on the air conditioner and heating system to see if they are actually working, and can write in the report that the system is “functional.” That’s why having an HVAC  inspection from Star Heating & Cooling can save you money in the long run.

Getting an HVAC inspection is a relatively small price to pay to help you make an informed decision about buying a home, and might even give you a bargaining tool to help you negotiate a fair price. And if our inspection convinces you to replace the system right after you purchase the home, we will apply the $150 inspection charge to the costs of a new heating and air conditioning unit when you buy it from us. Contact us by filling out the form on the right, or call us at 317-753-0279 for an appointment.

What is an HVAC Inspection?

During an HVAC inspection, your inspector will look for any potential problems within the home’s HVAC system. For example, if the technician turns on your furnace or heating system and hears strange sounds or smells an odor that shouldn’t be there, they’ll be able to alert you to any possible issues. 

Your home’s heating and cooling equipment shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not only does it improve the comfort of your home, but it also keeps your home safe from dangerously hot or cold weather. 

When you choose to schedule an HVAC inspection with Star Heating & Cooling, your home’s heating and cooling system will be in good hands. From checking the blower motor to the air handler to the heat exchanger, every aspect of the HVAC system will be inspected by a professional that knows what to look for. We excel in inspecting heat pumps, furnaces and air conditioners.

What Are the Benefits of an HVAC Inspection?

When you opt to have an HVAC inspection performed, the technician will alert you to any possible issues within your HVAC equipment. Instead of going in blind, you’ll get an accurate report of the state of your heating and cooling system to ensure it’s in good working order.

Not only does this help you know what the state of your heating and cooling equipment is, but it also allows you to talk to the current homeowners about having possible repairs performed. If any parts need to be repaired or replaced, you’ll be able to do so before a complete breakdown of the system occurs.

Contact Star Heating & Cooling for HVAC Home Inspections

If you have questions about the reliability or efficiency of a home’s HVAC system in Marion or Hamilton counties, Star Heating & Cooling offers a complete inspection for only $150. Since an air conditioning system can only be tested properly when the temperature is over 65 degrees, this complete inspection is only possible during warmer weather. We’ll give you a detailed report about the efficiency of the system, and let you know if we think it’s likely to provide reliable service for a few more years.

Get in contact with the heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality experts at Star Heating & Cooling for reliable HVAC home inspections. The small investment you put into an HVAC inspection can go a long way in helping guide your overall home purchasing decision.