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When the Noblesville, IN, weather becomes frigid, the last thing you want is a malfunctioning furnace. Many families in the Noblesville area run into that problem every year. If your heating system is beginning to fail on you, make sure to give Star Heating & Cooling a call today. We will complete a thorough inspection to find what is causing your furnace to falter and how best to remedy the issue. Once we narrow the issue down, we will offer suggestions, give you a fair estimate of the furnace repair cost, and complete the furnace repair services to get the warm air flowing back in your Noblesville, Indiana, home. Contact Star today for Noblesville furnace repair services.

You Might Need Furnace Repair If:

You’ve Noticed Cool Air Coming From Your Vents

If your heating system has been blowing cooler air through your vents, then your furnace isn’t doing its job. You should get in contact with a furnace repair expert immediately, as this is a common sign that your furnace will soon fail.

Your Heating Bills Are Rising

Heating bills rise as systems stay on longer to try and heat a room. Whether this is caused by cool air coming out, or a system blowing less heated air than usual due to a blower motor issue, it’s a big problem that can likely be remedied by a furnace repair. Bills can also rise due to a clogged or dirty HVAC filter, which restricts airflow.

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You Hear Strange Noises

Usually, heating systems don’t make a lot of noise. So, when they begin to be very loud and start rumbling, it’s likely a sign of a potential issue like a cracked heat exchanger or a damaged furnace blower motor. In these cases, contact your furnace repair technician as soon as possible.

Your Heating System is Over 15 Years Old

Typically, heating systems can last around 15 years but begin to need repairs around years 10 to 12. If your unit is getting up there in age, contact a professional for heating and cooling system services. A furnace repair technician will do a thorough inspection of the unit and will let you know if replacement or repairs are needed.

Things to Check Before Calling for Furnace Repair Service

For any serious issues – including loud noises or a complete system breakdown – it’s recommended that you call a furnace repair professional right away. However, if you want to avoid an unnecessary furnace repair cost, there are a few troubleshooting methods that you can tick off before giving Star a call for furnace repairs, including:

  • Checking that your thermostat is set to “heat,” replace the batteries if necessary.
  • Replacing your air filter if it’s clogged or dirty.
  • Make sure the vents in your home aren’t covered by carpet or furniture.
  • Performing a quick electric check of your service switch and making sure the circuit board hasn’t tripped.
  • Checking if your flame sensor is doing its job and your furnace is igniting properly, or if the pilot light is out on older furnaces.
  • Ensuring the gas valve is open.
  • Ensuring the blower motor is working properly.

If you’ve performed all of these checks and your furnace still isn’t working properly, contact the technicians at Star Heating & Cooling.

Enroll in Star’s Memberships

One of the best ways to keep your Noblesville, Indiana, heating system in tip-top shape is to enroll in Star’s Memberships. Star’s Memberships ensures your heating and air conditioning system is in good working order year-round. Some of the benefits that come with this furnace maintenance program include:

  • Two regular maintenance appointments per year
  • Air Conditioning maintenance in the spring
  • Furnace maintenance in the fall
  • Priority customer status
  • 15% discount on all repairs
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Discounted diagnostic rate
  • Peace of mind that your system is protected by local experts

During our seasonal appointments – which we’ll remind you about – our heating and cooling technicians will inspect your gas furnace and air conditioning system from top to bottom and make common furnace repairs and fix any small issues before they lead to bigger, more expensive furnace repairs or emergency HVAC service. These regular checkups on your air conditioner, heater, or heat pump will help the system run more efficiently and last longer, leading to fewer repair costs and lower energy bills.

Call Star Heating and Cooling to Set an Appointment For Furnace Repairs Today

Star Heating & Cooling has many years of experience in the heating and air conditioning industry. Our technicians can provide your Noblesville, Indiana, home with expert heating repair at a fair furnace repair cost. We have the capabilities to fix any gas furnace or electric furnace model on the market. Contact us today to see how we can help you bring comfort back to your Noblesville home with our exceptional HVAC system services.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Star Heating & Cooling has outstanding service and helped restore A/C to our home when we discovered the system stopped working properly. Jeff Rich was our technician and he came in, found the issue within the first 15 minutes, and provided some other great recommendations to assist with making our home more HVAC efficient. Will definitely utilize their Star’s service again for all of our HVAC needs!

– Jordan K.

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