Carmel, IN Furnace Installation

In many cases, when your furnace is acting up and not performing at its peak, it can be repaired back to its former glory. However, there are also times where you’re not as lucky. Sometimes furnaces are beyond repair and would cost more money to fix than to get a newer, more energy-efficient model. In either case, contact Star Heating & Cooling today! 

Our experienced, professional technicians will be there every step of the way, from the initial inspection to the installation of your Carmel furnace. Our team will be completely upfront and honest with you about possible repairs that your furnace needs, and if it comes down to it, how to best replace your furnace with a newer model. We will make recommendations based on your family’s current needs and provide the solution that you need to combat the cold, Carmel, IN, winter.

When Should I Consider New Furnace Installation?

If It’s Older Than 15 Years Of Age

Typically, furnaces are fully functional until they are about 10 to 12 years old. The furnace’s functionality will largely depend on the amount of repairs and tune ups that it received over the years. 

Regardless, though, if your furnace is over 15 years of age, it will likely begin to need more and more frequent repairs. In that case, your repairs will end up costing a fortune as they mount up. Consider installing a new furnace to limit the amount of repairs that you will need, and you will actually end up saving money. And don’t worry, if you need a new furnace installed in the middle of the night, we provide 24/7 emergency service.

If The Price of the Repair is Expensive

In the event that there is a major issue with your current furnace, the price of repairing it will likely be very expensive. If that happens, you might find that the cost of a new furnace isn’t much more expensive than the cost of the repair. You’ll be better off installing a new furnace that will last you 15 or so years than getting repairs on your current furnace a couple of times a year.

If Your Current Furnace is Costing You Money

Does your current furnace take longer than it should to heat your Carmel, Indiana, or surrounding areas home to your desired temperature? If so, it is costing you more money than it should be. This is because the longer that it takes to heat your home, the longer that it must stay on. To heat your Carmel or Indianapolis, Indiana, home quicker and save money, call in the experts at Star Heating & Cooling to install a new furnace today.

Why Choose Star for Furnace Installation?

Over 30 Years of Heating and Cooling Experience

Star Heating & Cooling has been in the game for a long time. We’ve helped thousands of customers with their heating and cooling needs and built many repeat customers along the way. Call us today to see how we can help bring your heating back.

A Team That Treats You Like Family

We know that you want to do business with a company that gives you the respect that you deserve. When you hire Star Heating & Cooling, you’ll see firsthand the respect that we give you from the first minute. Call us today for professional and respectable HVAC service in Carmel and the surrounding areas.

Upfront and Honest Pricing

We don’t hide fees or extra costs from you. Instead, we walk you through the entire process and what it will cost you to have service from us. 

Need to compare prices first? No problem! We work hard to match or beat the price of our competitors, so feel free to take the time to make sure you’re comfortable doing business with us.

Free Installation Estimates

Star offers free second opinions. We’ll try to match or beat the price of a competitor, and our technicians will let you know if the competitor’s price is fair. If we can’t get down to the price of a competitor, we’ll even advise you to go where you can get the cheapest price possible. We’re focused on the experience you’ll receive above anything else.

Call Star Heating and Cooling to Set an Appointment Today

The experts at Star Heating & Cooling would love to help you solve your furnace installation issue today. We will provide excellent service from the first minute and get your new furnace installed as quickly as possible. The heating and air conditioning technicians at Star also offer installation services for your Carmel or Indianapolis, IN, home’s heat pump and air conditioner, or contact us today about our array of indoor air quality solutions. For service from an industry leader that you can trust, contact Star Heating & Cooling today!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Star Heating & Cooling has outstanding service and helped restore A/C to our home when we discovered the system stopped working properly. Jeff Rich was our technician and he came in, found the issue within the first 15 minutes, and provided some other great recommendations to assist with making our home more HVAC efficient. Will definitely utilize their Star’s service again for all of our HVAC needs!

– Jordan K.

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