Heat Pump Tune-Up Services

If you’re a person who is conscious about their impact on the environment, or maybe you just want to spend less on heating and cooling bills throughout the year, heat pumps are a tremendous source for heating and cooling your home. Heat pumps are HVAC systems that can provide the heat of a furnace and the cool air of air conditioning in one compact unit driven fully on electricity. Your heat pump plays a major role in providing indoor comfort, so you should show it some appreciation and love with regular maintenance. 

Improved comfort, lower energy bills, and reduced risk of breakdown are just a few reasons to keep your heat pump on a regular maintenance schedule. Star Heating & Cooling has heat pump specialists on staff to answer all of your heat pump questions and tune up your heat pump to run smoothly all year round. Since one of the primary reasons most homeowners choose a heat pump is to save money on bills and reduce wasted energy. An affordable heat pump tune in the spring and fall makes sure your system stays running strong.

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What Does Heat Pump Maintenance Include?

During heat pump maintenance, there are several important services that are performed. Our goal is to leave you with a high-efficiency system that helps you save money on your energy bills. The most important tasks we perform during a heat pump inspection include:

  • Checking ducts and filters: We want to make sure they are working well before we leave.
  • Flushing the drain line: This can prevent problems from developing with your heat pump down the road.
  • Cleaning the coil and drain pan: This is even more important on an old system.
  • Inspecting the system for refrigerant leaks: If we notice any problems, we will let you know.
  • Checking all electrical connections: We will fix and replace old corroding wires and tighten any loose connections.

There may be other maintenance tasks we perform depending on the type of unit you have. Each manufacturer has an approved checklist for your unit. To earn your business, we will customize your routine maintenance to meet the needs of your specific unit and your family.

Key Benefits of Heat Pump Tune Up

Beyond peace of mind, there are economic benefits that save you money in the immediate and long term. With heat pump maintenance by our team, you can expect these valuable benefits:

Improved Lifespan 

The primary goal of professional heat pump maintenance performed on a regular schedule is to protect the unit. A clean, well-maintained system reduces the wear and tear of every component. A well-maintained heat pump uses less energy which can keep your heating and cooling bills low. Most importantly, efficient heat pumps run less frequently, operate on shorter cycles, and with less wear on components. Heat pump maintenance is an affordable way to add years of life to your equipment.  

Lower Energy Bills 

Reduced utility usage is another great result of well-performing heat pumps. When refrigerant levels are optimized and all components are running efficiently, a heat pump uses less electricity. A quality heat pump tune-up keeps your bills low and your family comfortable.

Improved Air Quality

A clean heat pump system reduces the risk of internal damage and air quality throughout your property is improved. Better air quality improves comfort and may impact allergy symptoms. Your technician will inspect the condition of your indoor heat pump system’s air filter and replace it if needed. Cleaning around the housing and the outdoor unit helps reduce airborne contaminants that impact performance and can be detrimental to indoor air quality. 

Increased Comfort

Comfort throughout your home is impacted by a well-performing heat pump. Quality maintenance restores performance and increases the comfort of your family. If you find that the airflow from your HVAC system is poor, a tune-up service can help improve the level of comfort throughout your entire home. 

Reduced Risk of Breakdown

Our team inspects every component of your heat pump during a tune up. The goal is to flag any weak points within the system before they break. While there is no guarantee your heat pump will never require repairs, proper maintenance is the best defense against surprises and uncomfortable nights when a heat pump breaks down. Beyond your heat pump unit, calibrating your thermostat makes sure your heat pump is ready for the extreme temperatures. When the thermostat is running properly you heat pump runs smoothly.

How Often Do Heat Pumps Need Maintenance?

Traditional heating and cooling systems require maintenance once per year, but heat pumps do double duty. Because the heat pump system is needed for both the Summer and Winter seasons, maintenance before each season is recommended. Our Memberships is a great value-add because it comes with two maintenance visits, a reminder to schedule your tune up ahead of time, and a ton of other great benefits. Help prevent the need for repair down the road and save money in the process with our Memberships.

Heat Pump Tune Ups in Fishers, Indiana

Star Heating & Cooling is a family owned and operated HVAC business based right here in Fishers, Indiana. We have been helping our Hoosier neighbors with their Heat Pump maintenance, repairs, and installations for more than ten years, and we are excited for the opportunity to show you why so many have come to trust us as their go-to home services provider. We can help you keep your heat pump running smoothly and efficiently when you need it most, and can service any make and model. Contact us today to schedule a heat pump maintenance appointment with Star Heating & Cooling.  

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Star Heating & Cooling has outstanding service and helped restore A/C to our home when we discovered the system stopped working properly. Jeff Rich was our technician and he came in, found the issue within the first 15 minutes, and provided some other great recommendations to assist with making our home more HVAC efficient. Will definitely utilize their Star’s service again for all of our HVAC needs!

– Jordan K.