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Change Your Furnace Filter! (a Cautionary Tale)

 If you need help remembering to change your furnace filter,  maybe this story will help.

This customer called yesterday because her air conditioning was not working. As you see on the invoice, it says “Frozen coil due to dirty filter”. Everything else checked out OK except for that one little thing.

Then if you look at the bottom of the invoice, you see our standard $90 charge to come out to your home to diagnose the problem, and the $80 labor time it took to thaw the coil and then be able to check everything else to see that this was the only cause of the lack of cool air.

You can buy a pack of three 1″ filters for under $20. If your furnace uses a 4″ filter, you may pay around $20-25. It’s not hard to do the math here and make the decision to keep an extra filter on hand, and put a reminder into your calendar. Or sign up for our Preventative Maintenance Agreement, and we’ll call you to set up the appointment in the spring and fall and look at the condition of the filter during the check-up.

If you’re in Central Indiana, call Star Heating and Cooling at 317-753-0279 to set up your Preventative Maintenance Agreement, or have one of our technicians come to your home to do a complete clean and check on your air conditioner.