Commercial HVAC Service in Fishers, IN

Whether the people spending time in your commercial space are shoppers, diners, employees or students, their comfort is your business. We provide smart, efficient, and reliable light commercial heating and cooling systems and products that make sure visitors enjoy every minute in your space. Our affordable and energy-efficient HVAC systems and products are flexible for new construction or replacement application – giving you a substantial return on your investment. For HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance services, contact the commercial HVAC contractors at Star Heating & Cooling in Fishers and surrounding communities.

Local Commercial HVAC Equipment Experts

With the expertise of Star Heating & Cooling, the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of your commercial heating system or air conditioning system promises to be a professional and hassle-free process. Our highly trained staff will analyze your needs to make sure that you get the commercial HVAC system that’s suitable for your business. This analysis is based on cost, size of the premises, and other requirements.

Our expert technicians work quickly and efficiently to make sure that your commercial HVAC system installation is up and running with as little impact on your business as possible. As a local, family owned business providing commercial HVAC services in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, we understand how vital uninterrupted operations are to your customer experience and revenue. Whether your commercial property has a conventional air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, or other heating and cooling system, we can help.

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Commercial HVAC Installation

Whatever your reasons are for commercial heating and cooling system installation, businesses in Fishers and the surrounding areas can feel safe knowing that Star Heating & Cooling has the staff and the know-how to help you select the perfect equipment and effectively complete the job.

Commercial building owners and managers trust our team to provide complete consultation, planning, and high-quality commercial HVAC services. From indoor air quality services to heating and air conditioning, our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians have experience with it all. At Star Heating & Cooling, we have over 30 years of experience in the field of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. There’s not much that we don’t know about commercial HVAC systems.

Systems That We Install

  • Rooftop Units

  • Split Systems

  • Ductless Splits

  • Packaged Units

  • Ductwork

Commercial Heating System Installation

At Star Heating & Cooling, we specialize in delivering quality commercial heating solutions. Our dedicated team of skilled technicians is committed to ensuring that your commercial space remains comfortably warm during the colder months.

When it comes to commercial furnace installation, we prioritize efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. We carefully assess the specific heating needs of your business, recommending and installing furnaces that align seamlessly with your requirements. Our installation process is thorough and meticulous, guaranteeing the optimal performance of your heating system.

Commercial AC Installation

Star Heating & Cooling is your trusted partner for exceptional commercial AC installation, ensuring optimal comfort in your business environment, from office buildings to warehouses. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and energy efficient HVAC systems tailored to the unique cooling needs of your commercial space. We prioritize energy efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in recommending and installing air conditioning systems, helping you save money on utility bills and meet your goals.

Our thorough assessment allows us to design and implement a customized installation plan, ensuring that your business benefits from the most efficient and effective cooling solutions available. We perform seamless and professional air conditioning installations that enhance the overall climate and productivity of your commercial establishment.

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Indianapolis, IN Heat Pump Repair

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

A steady and comfortable environment ensures customer satisfaction and helps to keep your personnel safe during extreme Indiana weather. Maintaining commercial HVAC systems has additional benefits beyond preventing repairs.

Our experienced team helps to lower operating costs with regular maintenance. Loss of efficiency within the system, leaks in ductwork, malfunctions in heating and cooling units, and even minor issues like loose hardware can quickly impact performance. Energy consumption costs both large and smaller commercial buildings significant amounts of money. Our heating and AC commercial maintenance services optimize your energy use and prevent repair.

When you trust the certified and highly experienced heating and air conditioning technicians at Star Heating & Cooling for your routine maintenance needs, you’ll have confidence knowing that our team is trained using the latest tools and techniques. We will keep your heating and air conditioning systems running in tip-top condition when you need them most. We work with you to find an effective solution with the best value for your overall comfort needs. At Star Heating & Cooling, we work on all makes/models of heating and cooling equipment and keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in troubleshooting and technical training. This ensures that we’re able to provide high-quality service for all of your needs.

Quick diagnostic tests and regular cleaning will ensure that your system is running efficiently at all times. In addition, if your unit has specific maintenance requirements, we can accommodate that too! We’re happy to help in any way that we can.

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Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Consistent maintenance on your Fishers, Indiana, HVAC system will keep it running for as long as possible. Star Heating & Cooling offers annual Preventative Maintenance Agreements for all customers in order to maintain the life of your equipment!

Benefits of our Preventative Maintenance Agreements

  • Priority Service

  • Discounted Diagnostic Rate

  • 15% Discount on Repairs

  • Maintains High Efficiency

  • Lengthens Equipment Life

  • Peace of Mind

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Technician Air-conditioning repairman using measuring equipment checking electric at circuit breaker on outdoor air compressor unit after install and check refrigerant system maintenance.

Commercial HVAC Repair Services

If your building experiences an issue within its HVAC system, you can rely on Star Heating & Cooling to respond quickly and appropriately, whether you need commercial air conditioner repairs or commercial heating services. Our technicians specialize in these more complex systems. Trusting inexperienced technicians or a company that is not equipped to perform commercial HVAC repair jeopardizes the comfort and safety of building occupants including your customers and personnel.

Our process includes solutions that discreetly address the unique needs of commercial buildings. A minor commercial AC repair or commercial furnace repair should not interrupt your operations. We repair commercial HVAC systems around your schedule and strive to reduce any impact on your operations. Our team is highly professional, well-organized, and committed to representing both your business and ours respectfully.

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Commercial Construction

Working with Star Heating & Cooling early in the planning and design process of commercial construction is highly beneficial. As a locally owned and operated business, we work with many building owners to design, install, and maintain the finest new construction commercial HVAC systems.

Our business uses the latest innovations to maximize performance and efficiency. Our commercial HVAC systems meet any goal your new construction project demands. Whether you need to ensure low energy costs, provide a lower emissions building, or craft custom solutions for your specialty products, processes, or operations, Star Heating & Cooling is the preferred choice for the area’s commercial building owners.

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Request a Free Quote

Are you confident that you’re receiving the best deal on HVAC repairs or the installation of a new system? Star Heating & Cooling offers free second opinions on estimates for repairs of air conditioning, indoor air quality, heating systems, or quotes for a new unit. If we can match or beat the price quoted by our competitor, we’d love to have your business. If the estimate you’ve already received is fair, we’ll let you know that, too. At the end of the day, we want you to be completely satisfied with your heating and cooling services.

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Contact Star Heating & Cooling

We’re happy to give you expert and balanced advice on whether you should consider repairing or replacing your heating or cooling system. As a local family-owned and run business in Fishers, Indiana, we’re interested in retaining you as a customer for a long time to come. If an emergency ever occurs with your heater or air conditioner, Star Heating & Cooling offers 24/7 emergency service to ensure that you’re always covered. Get in contact with us today to see how we can provide your company with high-quality commercial HVAC services in Indianapolis, Fishers, and the surrounding communities.

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