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Selecting the Right Furnace Filter

You go to a big box store and face the furnace filter aisle. There’s a wide variety of styles. Some filters are made from fiberglass, while others consist of polyester or cotton. Then there are the reusable filters. Confused? How do you know which filter is right for your furnace?


The technicians at STAR Heating & Cooling recommend pleated furnace filters, because they do a better job of trapping dust and particles. When the filter material is folded into pleats, there’s more surface area to capture dust, as opposed to a flat surface filter, which could clog in a matter of days, depending on how much dust and dirt lurk in your home.

Something else to consider is the filter’s backing. Some filters have wire mesh on the back. This helps the filter to maintain its shape and prevent it from collapsing when air passes through it.

Extending your Filter’s Life

Once you’ve selected a pleated furnace filter, to extend the life of your furnace, now it’s a good idea to replace your furnace filter monthly, especially if you have pets. To help you remember, you could purchase 12 filters and label each one with a month of the year. That way, when you forget or lose track of when you last changed your furnace filter, just look at the next filter in the box. If the current month is March, and the label on the new furnace filter says February, you know you’re behind in replacing it.