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When Is the Best Time to Turn Off the Heat in Spring?

Spring is a funny time of year here in Central Indiana, with temperatures that can be freezing one day and blistering hot the next! With such drastic weather changes, how do you know when to turn off heat in spring? Star Heating & Cooling shares advice that will help you determine the best time to shut down your furnace this season.

When to Turn Off Your Heat in Spring

As mentioned, spring in Central Indiana is known for its wild temperature swings. One day, you depend on your furnace to provide enough heat to stay warm inside, while the next day you’re wondering if it’s too soon to turn on your air conditioner!

These quick and frequent temperature changes make it difficult for homeowners to know when to turn off heat for the warmer weather in spring. While the temperature fluctuations can be uncomfortable, it’s typically not worth turning off your furnace or switching your heat pump out of HEAT mode until outdoor temperatures gain some consistency and are at a comfortable level.

For many homeowners, when to turn off heat in spring is when outdoor temperatures stay around 55 to 60 degrees consistently. At this point, the indoor environment doesn’t lose as much heat as it does when it’s colder outside so your home feels fairly warm throughout the day, even without running the furnace or a heat pump. 

Shutting Off Your Heating System in Spring

Once you decide when to turn off your heat in spring, do you also need to shut off the furnace? If you set the temperature on your thermostat low enough, the furnace will not turn on. Is this the right approach, or should you shut off the equipment entirely? 

Should You Shut Off Your Heating System for Spring?

The decision to turn off your furnace after you decide when to turn off heat in spring is entirely personal. You don’t have to shut down your furnace entirely, but some homeowners prefer to do so. Shutting down the furnace can prevent accidents that waste energy over the spring months, such as if someone accidentally sets the thermostat to HEAT mode.

Most homes that have a furnace installed use this equipment during cooling season, too, as the furnace contains the blower assembly that circulates cooled air into the living areas. For this reason, many homeowners don’t bother to completely shut down furnace equipment once they have decided when to turn off heat in spring. 

Heating System Preventative Maintenance

Even though your furnace will be used to circulate cool air for your air conditioning system come summer, there are things you can do to protect your furnace and prevent accidents that waste energy. After you decide when to turn off heat in spring, here are some care and maintenance tips that will protect your heating equipment and save energy.

  • For gas furnaces, close the valve on the gas supply line leading into the unit to prevent accidental heating system use. Turn the handle on the valve perpendicular to the gas pipe, which will cut off gas supply to the furnace.
  • Check the furnace filter and replace it if necessary so there is a fresh one ready when it’s time to turn on the air conditioning.
  • Clean up the area around your furnace. Remove any debris and wipe down the exterior furnace cabinet with a cleaning cloth. Remove any items stored up against or around the furnace, leaving at least six feet of space around the unit. Flammable materials should be stored in a separate area of the home, away from the furnace.

Spring HVAC Care in Central Indiana

Knowing when to turn off your heat in spring can be different from one household to the next. Once outdoor temperatures are steadily comfortable, most homeowners decide it’s time to give their heating systems a break. If you have questions about shutting down your heating system in spring, contact Star Heating & Cooling today