How To Find a Furnace Repair Provider in Noblesville, IN

When the brutally cold winter chill sets in, a reliable and efficient furnace becomes the unsung hero of your home. However, like any other type of heating and cooling system, furnaces can encounter issues, and finding a reputable repair provider is crucial. For Noblesville residents, navigating the myriad of options for furnace repair might seem […]

Who Do I Call for Furnace Repair in Indianapolis, IN?

Indianapolis, IN, with its cold winters, means reliable HVAC system equipment is a necessity to keep homes warm and comfortable. When your furnace malfunctions, finding a reliable repair service becomes a top priority. The last thing you need is a prolonged period without heat during the chillier months. Before you go searching online for “furnace […]

Furnace Repair Costs in Zionsville, IN

When the icy winds of winter descend upon Zionsville, IN, a reliable furnace becomes an indispensable ally in the battle against the chill. However, even the most robust heating system may encounter hiccups, necessitating timely repairs.  In this exploration of furnace repair costs, Star Heating & Cooling will discuss some common expenses faced by homeowners […]

Where Should You Place A Whole House Humidifier?

In the pursuit of creating a comfortable and healthy living environment, homeowners often find themselves exploring various solutions. One such solution gaining popularity is whole house humidifier installation. These devices offer a myriad of benefits, from alleviating health issues to preserving the integrity of your home.  However, the question that often arises is: where should […]

How to Clean a Heat Pump

A heat pump is a vital component that helps regulate the temperature inside your home. It works by extracting heat from the air outside and transferring it inside during the colder months and reversing the process during the warm months to cool your home. This system can be incredibly efficient at both heating and cooling, […]

Is a UV Air Purifier Safe?

In recent years, improving indoor air quality has become a prominent concern for homeowners and commercial building owners. People spend a significant amount of time indoors, and indoor air pollution can cause respiratory problems and allergies. One of the best methods to improve indoor air quality is through air purifiers – devices that can remove […]

Electric Vs. Gas Furnaces – Which Type Should I Install?

When it comes to keeping your home warm during the winter months, there’s no denying the importance of having a reliable and efficient furnace. But with so many options on the market, choosing the right type of furnace can be daunting. Two common options that homeowners tend to consider are electric and gas furnaces. In […]

What is a Ductless Mini Split and How Does It Work?

Indiana temperatures vary between either extreme depending on the season, so homeowners are always on the lookout for the best way to keep their indoor spaces comfortable year-round. Central heating and cooling systems are the traditional solution, but ductless mini split HVAC systems are gaining popularity for their energy efficiency, versatility, and convenience. In this […]

Why is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Once the outdoor temperatures start to drop, homeowners depend on their furnaces to keep them warm and comfortable. However, noticing a furnace leaking water can cause alarm and raise many questions. If you see a leak coming from your furnace, you may be wondering what is wrong with it, whether it’s safe to use, and […]

Is a Heat Pump More Effective at Cooling or Heating?

If you’re familiar with HVAC systems, you’ve likely heard of heat pumps. They’re unique in that they can provide both heating and cooling services, making them a versatile option for homeowners. But, given their versatility, are heat pumps better at heating or cooling? Let’s answer that question and talk about why heat pumps are so […]