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What Are the Benefits of Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units?

There are several equipment options available to meet the heating and cooling needs of commercial buildings in Central Indiana. Commercial rooftop HVAC systems are a popular choice in area facilities, and for good reason. Star Heating & Cooling explains the details of these heating and air conditioning systems and why their installation is advantageous for local business owners.

What Are Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units?

Commercial rooftop HVAC units are a type of heating and cooling system equipment typically installed upon the roof of a facility rather than at ground level. These systems are what we call packaged units, as the single unit holds all of the equipment for heating and/or cooling in one cabinet. 

How Do They Work?

A traditional split HVAC system works using indoor and outdoor components, while commercial rooftop units contain all equipment in one cabinet installed upon the roof. 

  • Air moves into the unit from a hood on the unit’s side, which is protected to keep out moisture from rain and snow. 
  • Internal dampers regulate air movement through the unit.
  • Air passes through system filters for the removal of particle pollution.
  • Depending on the configuration of the system and operating mode, air is heated or cooled by a heat exchanger or coils.
  • The unit’s fan pushes conditioned air through the building’s air ducts into the intended spaces.

Benefits of Installing a Rooftop HVAC Unit

Installing commercial rooftop HVAC units provides certain advantages for building owners compared to other types of heating and cooling equipment. A few of the key reasons business owners choose commercial rooftop HVAC units versus traditional split system HVAC equipment include:

Space Saving

Floor space in a commercial facility is at a premium, and space dedicated to HVAC equipment installation limits the area available for other important functions such as production. Commercial building rooftop units are placed on the top of a building, freeing up valuable space within the facility for other uses. As many commercial buildings have flat roofs, most facilities have sufficient support for this equipment on the roof without alterations.

Secure Installation

Commercial heating and cooling systems are targets for vandalism and theft. Installation of commercial rooftop HVAC units eliminates ground level access so the business is less vulnerable to these outside threats that can disrupt operations and add significant expenses.

Easy to Access

The packaged design of commercial rooftop systems paired with their location on top of a building make them easy to access for maintenance and repair needs. With all the components housed in one spot, no time is wasted moving between unit locations to perform testing or service. The system’s maintenance and service needs can be handled with no disruption to the daily activities inside the facility.

Minimal Noise

Commercial rooftop HVAC units produce less noticeable operating noise due to their location. When a split system with indoor equipment is in use, building occupants tend to notice more noise from the system as it runs throughout the day, which can be disruptive to productivity.

Simplified Property Maintenance

Installing commercial rooftop HVAC systems removes an obstacle from the property that must be considered for landscaping and grounds maintenance. With its position on top of the building, there is no need to spend time removing vegetation, mowing and trimming around the unit, and keeping the surrounding spaces clear.

Commercial Rooftop HVAC Installation in Central Indiana

Commercial rooftop HVAC units are popular among Central Indiana business owners, and for good reason. If you’re ready to replace your facility’s heating and cooling equipment with a new rooftop unit, call Star Heating & Cooling today to request a quote for installation.