What to Do When Your AC Unit Freezes Up

Imagine your air conditioning system working fine day after day during the hot Central Indiana summer, seeming almost invincible to whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Then one day – out of nowhere – it stops working. As the temperature in your home begins to rise, you look for a quick fix to restore normalcy […]

What’s Included in a Spring AC Tune Up?

Just as your vehicle, lawnmower and other machinery need regular maintenance to run efficiently – your air conditioning unit does, too. To keep your home’s AC system running as efficiently as possible, schedule an annual tune up – preferably in the spring – to keep your unit in tip-top shape. An inspection of your air […]

Common HVAC Energy Savings Tips

If you’re trying to do your part to make choices in your home that are good for the environment, you’ll also want to consider these eco-friendly HVAC tips from Star Heating & Cooling, central Indiana’s trusted heating and cooling experts. Your HVAC system uses about half of your home’s energy use, so decisions made regarding […]

6 Signs You Need a New AC Unit

During the dog days of summer when temperatures rise into the 90s and the humidity is stifling, you need to rely on your air conditioning unit to be up to the task of cooling your family down. But what if your system breaks down unexpectedly, leaving you sweating and uncomfortable in your home? Unfortunately – […]

What’s that strange air conditioner noise?

During the summer, we learn to tune out the regular noises that are made by an air conditioning system. If you begin to hear air conditioner noise that catches your attention, it’s worth taking a closer look at the unit to see if something unusual is going on. Sounds that seem out of the ordinary […]

Give Your Air Conditioner Some Breathing Room

Landscaping and other outdoor plants can add beauty to your yard, but they can have a downside, too. Plants that grow too close or even on top of the outdoor air conditioner condenser can restrict the airflow to your system. If the airflow becomes severely restricted, the system can even shut down altogether. Plant materials […]

Beware of the Cottonwood Seeds!

Maybe the title is a bit dramatic, but this possible threat to your outdoor air conditioning unit is something that you may not be aware of. Here in Central Indiana, there are days in the springtime when the air seems filled with fluffy, airborne seeds. They look similar to the white seed fibers of the […]

How the R-22 Phaseout Can Affect Your Air Conditioner

If the air conditioning system in your home was manufactured before 2010, it may use R-22 as the refrigerant (a substance that produces cold in a cooling mechanism by removing heat). R-22 (also known as HCFC-22 or its commercial name, Freon) and R-142b have been banned for use in any HVAC equipment that was manufactured […]